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Mocha is a state of mind. Each visit is an unparalleled experience, each outlet is a standalone haven chosen carefully, to initiate it into the Mocha fold. Once found, it is recreated as a complete retreat in the middle of the bustling metropolis - the result is what hundreds of thousands have come to love – the oasis that Mocha is, a place to suspend reality for few moments.

Go ahead, and take a 60 minute vacation.

Life can wait.


About us

Mocha is the country's first completely indigenous and eclectic café chain which offers a vast variety of food and beverage based on demographics, local and economic factors. It is one of the most successful franchise model across plural India owing to its adaptive and avant-garde strategy which helps in engaging and embracing a wide variety of cultures while still maintaining its strong brand image

Born in 2001 in the bylanes of Churchgate, Mumbai and celebrating 20 years of operations, Mocha has influenced the world-view of an entire generation, to stir a social revolution.

Meet the Team

Fantastic team with fantastic ideas.

Riyaaz Amlani

Riyaaz is amongst one of the most recognized restaurateurs in the country today. Starting out as a young and passionate entrepreneur, he is now the driving force behind the success and evolution of Impresario...

Satyajit Dhingra

Satyajit Dhingra carries a diverse experience of more than 16 years, acquired across an array of industries that include restaurant, service and retail. In his professional journey, he has been associated with brands like McDonalds, Essar Telecom and Amoretto's Retail in the operations domain...

Pradeep Pathak

He is a hotel management graduate from Institute of Hotel Management, New Delhi. He comes with more than 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry and has worked with brands like Hyatt, Radisson, Barista and Modi Group to name a few...

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