We're invested in your growth. That's why we continuously develop and monitor the systems, products and services that can help make your franchise business a success and drive profitability. We have a dedicated team of hospitality professionals who assist franchisees in every facet of the business; be it site selection, interior design, strategic sourcing and providing guidelines on the purchase of inventory and equipment. We keep an eye on market trends, brand positioning, research and development and training to filter the best operational practices and bring them to your franchise. we also provide training to our franchisee and their staff, through theoretical classroom sessions and practical on-the-job training, so that great quality food and drinks are a consistent, year-round experience.


All information submitted to Mocha is used only to assist in the pre-screening of potential franchisees.

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Partner with us! Our franchising model is available exclusively in these cities across India:

Locations we are open to


Minimum area should be ~2500 sq. feet carpet area (owned or rented infrastructure), with adequate frontage. The internal height should be ~12 – 14 ft, with adequate parking facilities and a certain standard of adjacent tenants. The area under consideration could be in a:

  1. Mall
  2. High street
  3. Near a cinema or a business centre


Franchising is a big commitment… for each of us. Success is incredibly important, and Mocha intends to be the franchisor of choice. If we're going to reach that goal, you have to be successful. As part of the Mocha family, you have a team of experts equipped with the tools and resources to help you create a winning business strategy. Our team combines casual dining expertise and national capabilities with local focus to work with you in developing strategies and executing tactical plans that drive revenue and achieve measurable ROIs through:

  • Market Analysis and Planning
  • Market Evaluation and Site Approval
  • Business Plan Development
  • Project, Construction, and Asset Management
  • Expert Training and Operations
  • Established Brand Standard Guidelines and Execution
  • Marketing, Sourcing, and Performance Benchmarking

And it doesn't stop there. We continually reinvest in our people to ensure we can always deliver our legendary promise.

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If the opportunity to join the Mocha franchise family interests you and you meet the initial franchise requirements, we encourage you to begin your application process using the pre-qualification questionnaire, so that we can get in touch with you!


We take the recruitment of our franchisees very seriously and are fairly uncompromising, when it comes to our brand's standards. a partner must meet the initial investment requirement - for mutually assured success, we only allow partners who are willing to commit to the Mocha business full time - more out of passion, rather than just another business opportunity.